Episode 117 - Keeping the X in X-Mas

So maybe we lied last show about it being the last one of the year but we wanted to give all of our listeners a little Christmas gift. Instead of our regularly scheduled program we are a week early to pass along a fine cornucopia of holiday music. Thank you all for being such a great audience. The ramblings continue again in 2007.

Music by Frank Sinatra, Alison Moyet, Martin Sexton, Mojo Nixon & The Toad Liquors, Peter Kater, Limited Liability, Run-DMC, The Kinks, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Eric Cartman, Vince Guaraldi Trio, The Waitresses, Bing Crosby & David Bowie, Sufjan Stevens, Sarah McLachlan, Professor & Maryann, Sting, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone, Dead Kennedy's, Chris Cornell & Eleven, They Might Be Giants, Queen, Spinal Tap and John Lennon.

Episode 116 - Create A Genre

Back in the studio and imbibing away. The Nefarious Bovine may be a little sloppy by the end but is anyone really paying attention to him anyway? Might as well ride out the year having fun.

Music by Mason Ruffner, Melanie Gabriel, The Vandelles, Allinson/Brown, Bronwen Exter, Colin Hay, Hazmat Modine, Angela Ortiz, Edwin & The Pressure, Set Fire To Flames, The Dramas, Cyd Glore's New Masterpiece, Martin Sexton, Easton Legacy, Aimee Mann and Ashley Rogers.

Episode 115 - Cow About Town

It's not a stampede but someone left the barn door open. The Nefarious Bovine takes you all on a journey and gives you a behind the scenes listen to what a typical night out entails.

Music by Van Davis, Lizzy Grant, Carmen Miranda, Mr. Big, Dominique Bélanger, Esmerine, The Devin Townsend Band, Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Flesh & Bone, Shimmerplanet, Andreas Vollenweider, Sam Bisbee, Oscar D'Leon, A Perfect Circle, The Baghdadios and Mike Errico.

Episode 114 - Liztacular

Liz Tormes and the Nefarious Bovine hanging out at Rockwood Music Hall this time around for another interview segment. We should have kept the tape rolling and turned it into a pop-culture / social commentary symposium but in the end you're left with me rambling for most of the show.

Music by Honeycreeper, Leona Naess, Walking The Cow, Mike Black, Diafanes, Stuart Hamm, Liz Tormes, Rice, Low In The Sky, Stewart, Kinetic, Bastards Of Twang and The Black Noodle Project.

Episode 113 - Debi-rthday

Debi Outwater joins the Nefarious Bovine as co-host this time around. Can you think of a better way to celebrate your birthday than discussing family nicknames, embarrassing moments in relationship history and The Castle of Angels Benefit Concert. Well yeah - playing Eddie Murphy would make it better now wouldn't it.

Music by HIM, Casey Shea, Allen Toussaint, Ethan Lipton, Glassacre, Eddie Murphy, Heather Christian, Dirty Water Dogs, Heart, Trevor Exter, Racermason, Comitatus, Crashbox, Mindy Smith, Wynn Walent and Geoff Tate.

Episode 112 - Silencer

I know, you read the title and thought someone shut me up and we went to an all music no talk format. I'm sorry to disappoint you but you are mistaken. Blake Morgan drops by to discuss what it takes to be a full time working musician, business models and his new album "Silencer."

Music by King Coma, The Fighting Cocks, Have Her Home By 10, Magges, Blanks, Antennas To Heaven, Blake Morgan, Molly Bloom, Wellwater Conspiracy, Mama Boom, Talas, Jeff Schram and Explosions In The Sky.

Episode 111 - Psychopathicapalooza

Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step in recovery. This may be true but we really lack the educational background to prove it. Maybe a margarita and some music is the cure.

Music by Psi-Com, Oren Bloedow, Suicidal Tendencies, Bret Mosley, Stereoscope, Mark Hollis, Hater, Jeff Jacobson, Spys4Darwin, Mickey Hart, Atomic Tom, The Slow Beings, Graduate, Rachel Zamsteen, Spike Jones and Tribe of Judah.

Episode 110 - Swamped Bovine

Busy? Never for you guys. The Nefarious Bovine is back again, beer in hand and bringing you more music than mosquitos in a boggy depot. Sure he has to deal with technical glitches and barking dogs but in the end isn't it all worth it?

Music by The Mourning Widows, Tony Levin, Jennifer Glass, CSR, Stewart, Gaijin A Go Go, MAR, Gabrielle, Slave To The System, Mike Errico, Geddy Lee, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, O'Rang, Brian Byrne, Deena Goodman and The Panic Channel.

Episode 109 - Monkey Madness

Did I mention is rained for four days? Oh well - the Nefarious Bovine is back again with all the music you never knew you loved.

Music by Blake Morgan, Weird Ways, Andy Summers, Cavalier King, Billy Sheehan, The Black Noddle Project, Tendaberry, Eyon, Doll Hospital, Tracey Amos, Chris Bard, missFlag, Professor & Maryann, Victim Of A Broken Stereo, Jonathan Ellinghaus, Muse, William Shatner featuring Henry Rollins and Public Image Limited.

Episode 108 - Benetton Got Nothing

Unfreshly back from New Orleans the Nefarious Bovine is back to provide you with more diversity than a Benetton advertisement.

Music by Spooky Jones, Sol Seppy, Casey Shea, Marie Frank, Pixies, Liz Tormes, Victor, Bret Mosley, Ollabelle, Dominique Bélanger, Wes Hutchinson, Elysian Fields, Digable Planets, Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man, Brianna Sage and Empire.

Episode 107 - Beauty Sleep

The Nefarious Bovine brings you the finest eclectic sleep-deprived mix of music as well as a rare jem for all the Sarah Mclachlan fans.

Music by Diafanes, Jess Klein, Salvavidas, Heather Christian, Animal Logic, Mogwai, Kyle Paas, Atomic Tom, The Misfits, The October Game, Julia Darling, Jane's Addiction, I Mother Earth, Dave Attell, Rene Touzet, Afaria and Have Her Home By 10.

Episode 106 - Stripey-Sock Tag-Team Terror

The Nefarious Bovine holds Ren Tyler hostage and forces her into co-hosting. She in turn makes fun of his penis. Well played Ms. Tyler, well played indeed.

Music by The Tao of Groove, Tonya Donelly, Liz Skillman & Joaquim, Juliette & The Licks, The Undisputed Heavyweights, The So and So's, Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Mellow Dramas, Esmerine, Strapping Young Lad, Luxury, Kate Evans Quartet, Hooverphonic, Guster, La Mar Enfortuna, Roland Orzabal and David Bowie.

Episode 105 - Frankensteinian

Hopped up on cold medicine the Nefarious Bovine makes up words and rambles on more than Robert Plant in the longest show to date. Damn you Tussin!

Music by Lotion, Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai, Marc Copely, The Men, Mike Errico, Ammina, Love Camp 7, Deena Goodman, Trevor Exter, LuX, Darling Violetta, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Heather Christian, Gabrielle, Laundry and Kinetic.

Episode 104 - Chocolate Cake-A-Thon

Lisa and Jen join the Nefarious Bovine down at the Rockwood Music Hall where they proceed to discuss satanism, chocolate cake, SPAM, and the problem with cardboard houses.

Music by Doll Hospital, Skip James, Jeff Schram, Homeboy Steve, The Velvet Underground, Marty Robbins, Jeff Jacobson, Devin Townsend, Talk Talk, Oren Bloedow, Tin Hat Trio, HAZMAT Modine, Liz Tormes, Mindy Smith and Explosions In The Sky.

Episode 103 - Don't Drink and Podcast

The Nefarious Bovine rambling drunk and naked on a couch. Not really. Well maybe the rambling drunk part. Well he is drinking, I wouldn't say drunk. But he is rambling. What a shocker.

Music by Mohammed Rafi, Bumblefoot, Gorn Levin Marotta, Polar Bear, Sevara Nazarkhan, Hrsta, Adrian Belew, Marvin Pontiac, MAR, David Bowie, Blake Morgan, Martin Sexton, Dirty Water Dogs, HitchcockGoHome! and Casey Shea.

Episode 102 - Up The Beach

The Nefarious Bovine basking in the glow of the St. Thomas sun and pondering the concept of different perceptions. What a way to spend a vacation.

Music by Weezer, Colin Hay, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Professor and Maryann, David Lee Roth, Sting, Paul Simon, DeSol, Beck, Brian Wilson, Sarah McLachlan, Tears For Fears, The Ventures, The Blue Hawaiians, Gary Hoey featuring Dick Dale and Men At Work.

Episode 101 - NYC

The Nefarious Bovine and Jen hanging out at "The Library" in New York City's East Village. Tag along as they regale listeners with tales of music and mayhem.

Music by They Might Be Giants, Mike Errico, Professor & Maryann, Blake Morgan, Have Her Home By 10, Liz Tormes, Julia Darling, The Undisputed Heavyweights, Lesley Gore, Jonathan Ellinghaus and Emily Curtis.

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