Episode 140 - Making It Easy

I realized recently that it's really difficult keeping up with artists and finding new music. Good thing you have us here to help make it a little easier. What would you do without us? Actually it's debatable whether or not you're better off. You be the judge.

Music by Yoav, King Coma, Chantilly Waryck, Michael Leonhart, Digital Underground, Golden Earring, The Dig, Slow Death of Autumn, Amy Winehouse, Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band, Sevara Nazarkhan, Amps e Lina, Hrsta, The Loved One, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Wynn Walent & The Folks.

Episode 139 - Been A While

We're getting re-aquainted with some artists this time around as well as kicking out some new stuff. We also sit down with Bret Mosley to discuss his new CD Light & Blood coming out on December 4th.

Music by Eric Johnson, Charlie Sexton, Mike B, Darling Violetta, The Dead Milkmen, The Faster Gore Core Girls, Bret Mosley, Jamie Leonhart, The Drovers, Jeff Jacobson, Sinéad O'Connor, Porcupine Tree, Ray Charles, Beyondo and This Will Destroy You.

Episode 138 - Music Nerds Unite

Music nerds are compelled to tell you all the details of the most obscure band you never heard of. We're just trying to eradicate evil music from the world by spreading the truth. We're like superheroes without the spandex. Well not since the 80's. Ron "Q*Ball" Scalzo joins us to get in on all of the music nerd action.

Music by Longwave, Bluebell, Dead Eddie, Julia Darling, Bess McCrary, Strapping Young Lad, Q*Ball, Return to Earth, R. Carlos Nakai, TelleR, Bronwen Exter, Ozomatli, Shane MacGowan and Adrian Belew.

Episode 137 - The Art of Deception

This isn't really a radio program and I'm not really a nefarious bovine. It's all just an audio illusion. The music is real though. Someone who knows a thing or two about deception joins us this time around. We catch up with Todd Robbins to discuss his latest show "The Charlatans Seance" and his... hey, where's my wallet?

Music by Muse, The Dead Milkmen, Goddamn Electric Bill, Shannon Hurley, Eyon, Charlie Faye, Alai, One Nation Under A Groove, Rob Zombie, Eddy Davis/NY Jazz Ensemble, Jodi Sheeler, Walking the Cow, Harry Nilsson, Hammock, Rich Girls and Joe Harvard Band.

Episode 136 - What You Like

Whether it be music or beverage selections - you may try different things but you always come back to what you like. That's what we're doing this time around. Mike Grubbs also joins us to discus the new Wakey!Wakey! live disc.

Music by King Crimson, Metisse, Ollabelle, New York Dolls, They Might Be Giants, Animal Logic, Wakey!Wakey!, Monie Love, Casey Shea, Mike Errico, Dominique Bélanger, Peter Gabriel and Analog Missionary.

Episode 135 - Your Title Here

We've left the title blank this time around in the hopes that some big giant corporation will come along, give us a lot of money and rename the episode. We're not holding our breath which is apparent by how much rambling goes on this time around. Guitarist Jason Hook also joins us to discuss touring, music and his disc Safety Dunce.

Music by Urge Overkill, The Weepies, Low In The Sky, Martin Sexton, A Perfect Circle, Los Doggies, Hater, R. Carlos Nakai, Jason Hook, The Men, Mogwai, Nancy Magarill & the Sirius String Quartet, Have Her Home By 10, Danielle Gasparro and Wes Hutchinson.

Episode 134 - A Matter of Opinion

So while this might not be the best paying gig but it does have some perks. Not only do we get to play some of our new favorite artists this time around but we also catch up with Bumblefoot at the Locobazooka Festival to discuss his career, life philosophies and hot sauces. Sorry folks but the interview contains no Chinese Democracy spoilers.

Music by Melissa Etheridge, Joggyn Smyler, Atomic Tom, Charles Theodore Zerner, Rice, Celia Chavez, Bumblefoot, Willie Nelson, Jane's Addiction, Michael Leonhart, Gorky Park, Holler Wild Rose! and Michael Gordon.

Episode 133 - Sometimes They Come Back!

While the laptop didn't come back Nefarious Bovine Radio has. Also returning are some artists that we haven't played in a while. And to celebreate the arrival of the new MacBook which is making this all possible we're adding some new artists into the rotation. It's good to be back.

Music by I Mother Earth, Music For Girls, Weird Ways, MAR, Derek James, St. Valentines Massacre, Marvin Pontiac, Ashley Rogers, Doll Hospital, The Album Leaf, Blake Morgan, Malvina Reynolds, Comitatus, Mother Love Bone, Gabrielle and Jamie Leonhart.

Episode 132 - Are You Happy Now Elizabeth?

Much like a vacation you always need to come back home. This time around we feature nothing but NY/NJ artists and it feels as good as putting on an old concert t-shirt. As an added bonus we sit down with Celia Chavez to talk about her new CD Sailor's Daughter and anything else that comes to mind.

Music by Q*Ball, Clara Venus, Jonathan Ellinghaus, Mike Errico, Sonno, Rich Girls, Celia Chavez, Black Pig, Jennifer Oines, DeSol, The Bravery, Tom Hayes, Fools for April, Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra and Jeff Jacobson.

Episode 131 - Globally Insane

Maybe it was the heat of the Yucatan. Who knows? This time around I leave my beloved New York music scene briefly and focus on bands from around the world. 15 bands, 9 countries, 5 continents, and if that weren't enough we also sit down with Lorena and Ciro from Diafanes as they embark on their first U.S. tour.

Music by Dire Straits, Red Rider, Antennas To Heaven, Hacienda Uayamon, Teddybears, Mariachi Aguilas De México, Dominique Bélanger, Enargeia, Diafanes, Luiz De Aquino, Múm, Shakira, Hacienda Temozon, Edwin and The Police.

Episode 130 - The Waking Dream

The Waking Dream is that point in time when you're not really awake but not yet asleep. A time when you're in your own little world and everything around you becomes really silent. This is the music that goes along with that time.

Music by Mazzy Star, Nick Drake, The Knotting Hillbillies, Heather Christian, Lizzy Grant, The Soul's Release, Oren Bloedow, Jimi Hendrix, The Sundays, Sting, Dominique Bélanger, Sigur Rós, King Crimson, Cowboy Junkies, Paz Lenchantin, Sarah McLachlan, Allie Moss, Mike Errico, Martin Sexton, The Firm and BBM.

Episode 129 - Mexico

If you're reading this then it means that I am either a) close to being on a plane to Mexico b) on a plane to Mexico c) somewhere in route to Mexico or d) in Mexico. If you're not reading this then you're smarter than I gave you credit for.

Music by Leona Naess, Joe Thompson, Sweet ADRENALIN, Love Camp 7, Jesse Lynn, Wakey!Wakey!, Stevie Wonder, Chris Cubeta, The Go-Betweens, Julie Kathryn Smith, Nelly Furtado, Liz Tormes, Apartment 44, Jeremy Wallace, Salvavidas, Paula Valstein, Andrew San Paul and Spacehog.

Episode 128 - Down The Toilet?

This show started off one way and quickly spiraled into something completely different. More magical? Perhaps. We'll let you decide. Sean from Slow Death of Autumn also calls in to discuss music, movies and the difficulties of getting anything accomplished.

Music by Jeff Schram, Mama Boom, Jack Wagner, Bumblefoot, Larissa Shmailo, Teddybears Stockholm, Slow Death of Autumn, Billy & the Boingers, Ethan Lipton, Connie Francis, Casey Shea & Wakey!Wakey!, Zard, Tool, We Are The Music Makers, Telepopmusik and Tears For Fears.

Episode 127 - Ophelia Madison is Famous

It's true! You'll just have to trust me on this. Listen in as we present even more famous people you might not have ever heard of as well as drink recipes and bird imitations.

Music by Apartment 26, Katrine Ottosen, Marc Copely, Chris Bard, Chicago, Adrian Belew, Antennas To Heaven, Martin Sexton, Steve Vai, Devin Townsend, Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles, Bee Gees, Bumblefoot, Ollabelle, Talk Talk, David Gilmour, Magges and Atomic Tom.

Episode 126 - Catch-Up

With all the great music in the world how can I be expected to get to it all in a timely fashion? Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes I throw everything I've been meaning to play into one show. Would you like fries with that?

Music by DramaGods, Alana, Machiladora, Fools for April, Ammina, Aaron Berg & The Heavy Love, Punky Brüster, Martin Rivas, Nick Drake, Stereoscope, Sevara Nazarkhan, Brendan O'Shea, They Might Be Giants, Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra, The Rosy Nolan Band, Goton Project and Tin Machine.

Episode 125 - International and a Man of Mystery

We circle the globe not once but twice in one show. If that's not enough for you we also shed some light on the mysterious enigma that is Jeff Jacobson and give you a preview of his debut album. What more can you ask for? Well yes, pie would be nice right about now.

Music by Winger, Wanda Phipps, Paz Lenchantin, The Slow Beings, UMEED, Slow Death of Autumn, Jeff Jacobson, Pralay, V'nessa Tzavellas, A Flock Of Seagulls, Tracey Amos, In Fine, Dasha, Kyle Ervin and Eluvium.

Episode 124 - Rip-offs, Remakes & Black Betty

Most musicians have played covers or have written a song that sounded like another song and some of them have actually released them. This time we take a look at, shall we say "musical tributes", and reveal just exactly why The Nefarious Bovine hates Switchfoot so much.

Music by Blake Morgan, When In Rome, Dirty Water Dogs, Casey Shea, The Axel Boys Quartet, David Bowie, Gabrielle, Leadbelly, RamJam, Tom Jones, Whitesnake, Ethan Lipton, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, Kraftwerk, Nouvelle Vague, Mike Errico, Primus and Jane's Addiction .

Episode 123 - Back To Normal

It all depends or your definition of normal now doesn't it? The Nefarious Bovine back in the studio flying solo and playing a "normal" set of eclectic music from around the globe. No guests, no interviews, just Sean alone with his thoughts - and we call that normal.

Music by TelleR, The Buggles, Peter Rolland, Ethereal, Shea Seger, LaRoo, Wynn Walent, Jodi Sheeler, Naked Eyes, The Divine Madness, Derek James, A Silver Mt. Zion, Warmbodies, Dana Varon, Plastic Parachute and Explosions In The Sky.

Episode 122 - Bovine vs Alloy

We apologize in advance! Jeff Schram drops by the Westside Studio to drink, discuss the relaunch of Alloy Radio, drink, play some of our favorite local NYC artists and drink - not necessarily in that order.

Music by Journey, Blake Morgan, Jeff Jacobson, Julia Darling, Wakey!Wakey!, Heather Christian, Jessi Robertson, Mike Errico, The Undisputed Heavyweights, Doll Hospital, Paula Valstein, Gabrielle, Tom Hayes, Professor & Maryann, Casey Shea, Liz Tormes, Attention Driver and Smoosh.

Episode 121 - Shmammy

One man against the world? Not exactly. Wes Hutchinson joins the Nefarious Bovine down at The Delancy to discuss songwriting and the importance and a solid foundation. We also are giving our play by play of the Grammy's.

Music by The Police, Weird Ways, Ethan Lipton, Dùnndotta, Flametal, Goddamn Electric Bill, Múm, Wes Hutchinson, Tracey Ullman, Holding Pattern, Jeff Schram, Desmond Higgins, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Crippled Black Phoenix.

Episode 120 - XTR

Trevor Exter stops by to discuss songwriting, traveling and the perils of cement trucks. We tried to find some place louder to have the interview but then you really wouldn't be able to hear anything.

Music by Peter Gabriel, King Coma, Julia Darling, Naomi Hall, Salvavidas, They Might Be Giants, Gabrielle, Trevor Exter, Sigur Ros, National Airlines, Bluebell, White Zombie, Allie Moss and Sting.

Episode 119 - Resolutions

The Nefarious Bovine doesn't believe in New Year's Resolutions but resolves to expand the range and variety of music this year. And you thought it couldn't get more eclectic than it already was.

Music by Blue Murder, Khartoum Capers, Music For Girls, Analog Missionary, Raliss, Conjure One, Reeves Gabrels, Giorgio Moroder, Gnarls Barkley, The Sugarcubes, Polar Bear, The Warblinkers, Elvis Presley, Bigger Thomas, The Midnight Hours and Tears For Fears.

Episode 118 - Happy New Year

The Nefarious Bovine takes time out to reflect on some of his favorite tracks played in 2006.

Music by Marc Copely, Eyon, Casey Shea, Dominique Bélanger, Atomictom, Gabrielle, Salvavidas, Diafanes, Heather Christian, Stereoscope, Ollabelle and MissFlag.

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