Episode 163 - Who Doesn't Like (a) Hammock?

As we're upon the first day of winter my thoughts drift to warm weather lounging in a hammock. That doesn't seem likely to happen so instead I sit down with my other favorite Hammock to discuss their latest disc Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow.

Music by Paula Valstein, Bastards of Twang, The Church, Lila Downs, Professor & Maryann, New Bohemians, Hammock, Kip Winger, Robin Danar, Bumblefoot, Weird Ways, Martin Rivas and Dave Pittenger Band.

Episode 162 - Week AS Show!

No one ever asked me what a typical week is like for me musically so I decided to take it upon myself to give you a listen. It's either that or I needed a filler show because of scheduling conflicts. How weak!

Music by Sting, The Devin Townsend Band, Múm, Explosions In The Sky, Mike Errico, Bumblefoot, Roland Orzabal, Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories, Slave To The System, Fools for April, David Bowie, Polar Bear, Derek James, Casey Shea, Nick Drake and The Cure.

Episode 161 - Thank God That's Over

Politically fried and in need of four more years of sleep the Nefarious Bovine tries to get us back to being musically sound. Will it work? His plan has a few holes in it but it's crazy enough that it just might work.

Music by Have Her Home By Ten, Bryan Dunn, Cantharide, Michael Leonhart, Pat Metheny Group, Beck, Bret Mosley, Anthrax & Public Enemy, Joe Jackson, Allie Moss, The Album Leaf, Andrea Ball, Stars Of The Lid, Cliff Carlisle, Holler Wild Rose! and Tribe Of Judah.

Episode 160 - Bovine '08

I figure if everyone else these days is making long winded speeches and promises that they'll most likely not follow through with then why can't I? We also add a new rum into the mix. That should please the rum lobbyists.

Music by Rodrigo y Gabriella, Goddamn Electric Bill, Adam Ant, Philip Aaberg, Dunndotta, Martin Sexton, Weird Al Yankovic, Return To Earth, Juana Molina, The Black Noodle Project, Larissa Shmailo, Gabrielle, Naked Eyes, One Nation Under A Groove, Blake Morgan and Mum.

Episode 159 - Less Talk, More Talk Talk

I've been threatening to chronicle Talk Talk's progression from synth-pop to post-rock for quite some time now. Well I'm finally getting around to doing it. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing for you.

Music by The Clash, Stewart Copeland, Atomictom, eliotE & The Ritournelles, Postcode, Rachel's, Delerium, Talk Talk, 2 Foot Yard, missFlag, Antennas To Heaven, Edwin and Queensrÿche.

Episode 158 - Mo Faux You

Rockin' the new and improved hawk and flying solo once again. This time I thought I'd revisit some artists I haven't played in a while and share some new stuff that just came in. And that would be different because....

Music by Airtime, Shea Seger, Homeboy Steve, Salvavidas, Q*Ball, Karma Generator, Sinéad O'Connor, The Soul's Release, Plastic Parachute, Weird Ways, Colin Hay, deSol, The Beatless, The Rosy Nolan Band, John Huldt and David Bowie.

Episode 157 - Podjack v2 (Tommy Merrill)

Just what exactly are venues looking for when they fill up the time slots? This time around Tommy Merrill, booking director for Rockwood Music Hall, takes over the show and gives us some insight.

Music by Led Zeppelin, Fionn O'Lochlainn, Mouritz & the Bleeding Hearts, Jeff Taylor, Michael Brunnock, Crystal Castles, The Prigs, Duke Ellington w/ Louis Bellson, Your Vegas, Amos Lee, Del Castillo, James Maddock, Eric Johnson, Chromeo, Melody Gardot and Emily King.

Episode 156 - And Now The New(s)

Depending on your defintition we have a bunch of new stuff this time around. New CD's, new tracks, new artists to the show and quite possibly some old stuff that's new to you.

Music by Robert Plant, Mina Tindle, A Death Cinematic, Jamie Leonhart, The Black Noodle Project, Heather Christian, Sevara Nazarkhan, Rush, Andrea Ball, Hater, Peter Bjorn & John, Bess McCrary, The Ghastly Ones, Deena Goodman and GTR.

Episode 155 - It's A Live

Bootlegs, board records, on stage, T.V. or studio - any way I can hear it I'm a fan of live music. This time around we feature all live recordings by some of our favorite artists. I guess that makes me the annoying guy talking through the entire concert.

Music by Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Jane's Addiction, Jeff Schram, Eluvium, Charlie Faye & The Total Sweethearts, Primus, Lara Ewen, Hrsta, Jeff Jacobson, Strapping Young Lad, Gabrielle, Martin Sexton, Mike Errico, Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis and Men At Work.

Episode 154 - Excessive Baggage

Well it may not be excessive but how about my new luggage? Just how has a Nefarious Bovine gone 37 years without cow print luggage? Who knows. Lets take it on a musical journey.

Music by Yes, Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra, Caspian, Eric Avery, Alyson Greenfield, Casey Shea, Ollabelle, Tribecca, siamese, The Bumble Bees, Runaway Dorothy, Lizzy Grant, OutKast, 30 Odd Love, Talk Talk and Mother Love Bone.

Episode 153 - Struggling Minstrels

I'm often asked why I do this particular program. While there are many reasons the main one has always been to promote the artists that struggle creatively, financially, logistically and mentally all for my listening pleasure. I often hope I can pay back a fraction of what I receive. Charlie Faye also joins us to give us first hand insight into the world of an independent artist.

Music by Gundogs, Radiohead, Stewart, Leo Alves Vieira, Kagero, One Nation Under A Groove, Charlie Faye, I Mother Earth, Aaron Gilmartin, Beck, Robert Attanasio, Rich Girls, This Will Destroy You.

Episode 152 - For The Kids

My youngest listener (that I know of) requested more music and less talking. I've always believed that our children's voices should be heard so this one's for her. Try to see if you can guess her name.

Music by Jeff Buckley, Julia Darling, Louis Prima, Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai, Donna Leonhart, David Bowie, Mike Errico, Beyondo, Piero Umiliani, Geddy Lee, Liquid Tension Experiment, De La Soul, Jack Sheldon & Terry Morel, Sarah McLachlan, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, Liz Tormes, Tears For Fears, Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, Paul Simon, John Linnell, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel and Martin Sexton.

Episode 151 - What's Vinyl?

Vinyl, it's not just for catsuits anymore! Michael Leonhart discusses his new album "Hotel Music", Sean runs rampant about musical spoilers and Bumblefoot even chimes in. What more could you want in a show?

Music by Queensryche, Q*Ball, The Offspring, HATR Project, Animal Logic, The Dig, Michael Leonhart, The Fighting Cocks, Bo Diddley, Bumblefoot, Sigur Ros, Harris Trucks and The Faster Gore Core Girls.

Episode 150 - Information Overload

Blackberrys, Cell Phones, Elevators, Internet, TV, Radio, Newspapers. There's too many ways to get information these days. We get the information on Holler, Wild Rose! the old fashion way - we sit down and talk to them.

Music by Steve Miller Band, Casey Shea, The Blue Chieftains, Jamie Leonhart, Holler Wild Rose!, Then There Were Two, Rush, Diafanes, Warmbodies, Chris Cubeta and Devin Townsend.

Episode 149 - Back Up and Backup

The craziness has ended and the laptop is back up and running. It's been a while so why don't we play some music and catch up with each other. I've got no plans.

Music by Rachel Zamsteen, Aaron Berg & The Heavy Love, Joanne Shenandoah, She & Him, The Buggles, The Mugs, Mr. Bungle, Louis Armstrong, Michael Nyman, Melanie Gabriel, Return To Earth, Oi Va Voi, Neil Nathan, National Airlines, Shalabi Effect and John Lennonk.

Episode 148 - Rip-offs, Remakes and Summertime

This time around we leave behind the ills of the world and once again examine the art of the cover. And at this point of the year who's not ready for a little summertime? I think we got you covered.

Music by A Perfect Circle, Richard Cheese, Faith No More, k.d. Lang, Telex, Jeff Healey Band, Dead Kennedys, Casey Shea, Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, Wakey!Wakey!, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Charlie Faye, The Puppini Sisters, Bret Mosley, The Tunstall Sisters, Echo & the Bunnymen, Slade, Celia Chavez and Frank Zappa.

Episode 147 - Something Ain't Right

Cover the kids ears - this is going to be ugly. We seem to have some issues in dire need of exorcising this time around. Great Music and Inane Rants. All is well around here but the same can't be said for the rest of the world. At least that's one mans opinion. But he drinks so take his opinions at face value.

Music by 2 Foot Yard, Benjalu, Set Fire To Flames, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Matt Jones, Flor De Loto, Professor & Maryann, Kip Winger, Sevara Nazarkhan, Sam Cooke, Royksopp, Antennas To Heaven, Bherman, Lotion, Matthew De Zoete and Victor.

Episode 146 - Podjack v1 (Trevor Exter)

What inspires the people we play and promote around here? In this first of a series of podjacks we have planned Trevor Exter takes over the music and I in return delve into his mind. If that doesn't seem fair I also brought rum.

Music by Trevor Exter, Santiago Vazquez & Puente Celeste, Gaby Kerpel, Pedro Luis Ferrer, Elis Regina, Changos, Norte Potosi, Aca Seca Trio, Banda Hermética and The Wood Brothers.

Episode 145 - Define Mainstream

It seems that as I get older I'm confusing what I know and like with what is mainstream. Not that I think it's top 40 but I'm suprised when no one knows who the hell I'm talking about. What can you do? Reb Beach calls in this time around to discuss the new Winger Live disc and the pros and cons of touring.

Music by Deep Purple, Paula Valstein, Neil Peart, Celia Chavez, The Soul's Release, Jeff Schram, Talk Talk, Q*Ball, Winger, Ethan Lipton, George Jones, Swashbuckle, Chavela Vargas, Dùnndotta and Strapping Young Ladr.

Episode 144 - Because I'm The Program Director

The fun in being the program director is having the ability to play what I like no matter what it is. This time we touch on the old, new and deranged. Not sure if that's good or bad for you.

Music by RX Bandits, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Ian McGlynn, La Jovenc, Elvis Presley, Raul Midon, Black Pig, Natalie Gelman, Trapeze, Mark Hollis, Bumblefoot, Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Antara del Barrio, Your Ten Mofo, Vanessa Boyd & The Yes Men and HitchcockGoHome!.

Episode 143 - Teambuilding

The rambling becomes even more confusing as Sean discusses the high points of his recent teambuilding experience, adventures in finding a sponsor and the joys of switching hats.

Music by Eyelevel, Vince Guaraldi Trio, The Fighting Cocks, Stellardrive, Blake Morgan, Dominique Bélanger, Merle Haggard / Willie Nelson, Weird Ways, Alai, PFL, Sunday Drive Bye, Charlie Faye, Neon, The Sundays, Debra DeSalvo and The Undisputed Heavyweights.

Episode 142 - Trying To Get On Track

Christmas and New Years Eve. Molding and Trim. Day Job and Jury Duty. Spackle and Paint. It's been a crazy few weeks around here. I haven't even been to a show since last year. Let see if we can back on track with the show and get 2008 moving along.

Music by The Kinks, elika, Martin Rivas, The Album Leaf, Bryan Dunn, Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas, Wes Hutchinson, Fatboy Slim, War, Casey Shea, The Gilmartin Potter Band, Trevor Exter, Hammock, True Nature, The Smothers Brothers and Diafanes.

Episode 141 - Happy New Year NYC

Special Guest: None

Millions may have watched the ball drop in Times Square but I'd prefer a good show on the LES. Let's recap some of my favorite NYC artists that we played last year.

Music by Bumblefoot, Jesse Lynn, Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra, Longwave, Trevor Exter, Lizzy Grant, Martin Rivas, Wynn Walent, Jeff Jacobson, Jeff Schram, Q*Ball, Atomictom, Holler Wild Rose!, Michael Leonhart, Tom Hayes, Bret Mosley, Celia Chavez and Wakey!Wakey!.

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