Episode 187 - Are You Yeti For The Holidays?

The holidays are quickly approaching which means that this is the last show of the year. Nothing left to do except decorate the house, buy presents and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Emily Zuzik joins us to talk about her new EP Jagged Life.

Music by Smoosh, Darling Violetta, MemoraFaq, Big Blue Ball, Paz Lenchantin, Eluvium, Emily Zuzik, Michael Gordon, Matt Singer, Rachel Platten Band, Brent Shuttleworth, Jonsi, Lara Ewen And The Unstrung Orchestra, Rit Mo Collective and Sting.

Episode 186 - Weird and Lazy Mood

It might have been the time off. Days spent in quiet isolation seem to have given this playlist a weird and lazy quality. Only goes to show just how much you're influenced by the world around you.

Music by Colin Hay, Fires, Rachel Grimes, Kodomo, Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions, Chicha Libre, Tim Risher, EletriKa, Joan Osborne, Devin Townsend Project, Casey Shea, Uayamon, Elysian Fields, Slow Death of Autumn, Lisa Jaeggi and Pearl Jam.

Episode 185 - Doing It For The Bacon!

What would make a man fly a third of the way across the country? Bacon! That's right, I planned an entire trip around bacon. And I convinced people to join me. None of this has anything to do with music.

Music by DramaGods, HATR Project, Blake Morgan, I Mother Earth, Jill Stevenson, The Music, Aimee Mann, Ray Lamontagne, Holler Wild Rose!, Dave Pittenger Band, The Black Noodle Project, Return To Earth, Tin Hat Trio, Rachel's, The Wonders and Shwa Losben.

Episode 184 - Why Would You Do That?

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. True, but I prefer to go with a lasting impression. They normally aren't good ones but they are a lot more interesting. We're also joined by Jeff, Eric and Lauren from UME.

Music by Glenn Branca, Roger Miller, Andy Summers, eliotE & The Ritournelles, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Stravinsky, UME, Moga, Kate Havnevik, Static-X, Brothers Quetico, Mindy Smith, Martin Rivas, Marvin Pontiac and Wakey! Wakey!.

Episode 183 - RumFest 2009

Do you want superior audio quality or rum knowledge? This time we're coming to you from RumFest 2009 to give you a little insight into the world of fermented sugar cane.

Music by Skip Henderson, Charlie Terrell, Hammock, Ethan Lipton, Colin Hay, Bumblefoot, Mar, Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Sinead O'Connor, Julia Darling, Stewart, Q*Ball, Anthony Fiumano, The Blue Hawaiians, Dana Varon, The Andrews Sisters, Paul Clayton and Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Episode 182 - Sean of the Dead

I'm sorry but I think you have me confused. He spells it Shaun. We're joined by the organziers of the New Jersey Zombie Walk to discuss just how much work goes into being dead. And I thought I had that to look forward to.

Music by Tall Tall Trees, Hater, Like Trains & Taxis, The Fighting Cocks, The Misfits, The Ramblers, Wednesday 13, HorrorPops, Herbert Chappell, Juana Molina, White Zombie, The Most Important Person, Set Fire To Flames, Bryan Dunn and John Williams.

Episode 181 - The Joys of Home Ownership

We take a break from painting the kitchen and sit down with Charlie Faye to discuss recording, touring, healthy food and her new disc "Wilson St."

Music by Alice in Chains, Marc Copely, Bess McCrary, Dig, Jesse Lynn, Emily Zuzik, Charlie Faye, Deee-Lite, Stelios Arnaoutoglou, Sevara Nazarkhan, This Will Destroy You, Mindy Smith and Peter Gabriel.

Episode 180 - Your Musical Savior

Pass the tip jar and give me an amen because the Reverend Bovine is about to lay down a musical sermon to renew your faith.

Music by Living Colour, EletriKa, R. Carlos Nakai, Atomic Tom, Jamie Leonhart, Michael Leonhart, Khartoum Capers, My Majestic Star, Les Paul, Stewart, Barton Fink, Bret Mosley, The So and So's, Tim Risher with Larry Smith, Liz Tormes and Blue Murder.

Episode 179 - Zenyatta Bovinatta

Jessica Reback wins the first "Name An Episode" contest and being the avid Police fan how could I not go with this. What does she win? Her name mentioned in the show notes and a years supply of Turtle Wax (while supplies last).

Music by Trevor Exter, Anvil, Jeff Jacobson, Fastball, The Beyman Bros., Les Claypool, Professor & Maryann, Talk Talk, Bryan Dunn, Nicholas Hooper, Paula Valstein, Blindfold, Information Society, Stellar Moss, Adrian Belew and Blue Murder.

Episode 178 - Bovine4Life

I'm about as hard core as bologna on white bread but that doesn't mean I can't drop the phatest beats and illest ryhmes. What? It doesn't work when I say it? Martin Rivas talks about his new record "Sea of Clouds" and gives us some street cred.

Music by Yes, Pink Martini, Mike Errico, The Atomic Square, eliotE & The Ritournelles, Baby Animals, Martin Rivas, Tears For Fears, Gabrielle, Mindy Smith, Casey Shea, Concert Silence and Digital Underground.

Episode 177 - Lazy Days of Summer

Lazy? There's no time for that. There's mini-golf to be played, roller coasters to ride and egg creams to make. It's really amazing I even got around to doing this show but sadly we don't get a summer vacation around here.

Music by Asia, Buckethead, Kailin Garrity, Juana Molina, William Albright, Martin Sexton, Devin Townsend Project, Slow Death of Autumn, Blake Morgan, Jonsi & Alex, Jim Croce, LL Cool J, Andrea Ball, Wakey! Wakey!, Stephen Lynch and The Album Leaf.

Episode 176 - The King of Pod

The world lost a music icon this week but you still have me. I'm not saying it's an even exchange but sometime you have to take what you can get. We'll pay tribute, answer some questions and play some new stuff. It's the best I can do.

Music by Fanfarlo, Adam Balbo, Neil Peart Terry Bozzio & Joey Heredia, The Black Noodle Project, Claude Lamothe, Dunndotta, Tall Tall Trees, Karma Generator, Ernie Southern & the Deltaholics, Lizzy Grant, Holler Wild Rose!, LAF, CSS, Jerry Reed, Weird Ways and Michael Jackson.

Episode 175 - It's All About Me

Well maybe only a little. It's really still about the music. We're not only playing some brand new stuff and answering your questions but we also talk to Kate Havnevik about music and the joys of Harmonic Whirlies.

Music by Godspeed You Black Emperor, the Faster Gore Core Girls, Neil Nathan, UME, Fastball, Brent Shuttleworth, Kate Havnevik, Allie Moss, Alec Gross, Sonseed, Peter Kater & Dominic Miller, Scott Stein and Young MC.

Episode 174 - I Got Nothing

Blame it on the lack of sleep, Great Adventure season pass or the new kitchen cabinets but I got nothing. No witty show titles. No interesting pictures. All I got is a glass of rum, 16 tracks and time to talk about them.

Music by Hot Leg, Phil Common, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Paula Valstein, Kip Winger, Rit Mo Collective, CW McCall, David Cloyd, Matthew De Zoete, pacificUV, Serious Pilgrim, Jerry Joseph Bret Mosley & Steve Drizos, Boys Of The Lough, Celia Chavez and Bumblefoot.

Episode 173 - Corporate Zombie

You may know me as the rum drinking purveyor of this fine show but really I'm nothing more than a corporate zombie. It pays better than podcasting but at what cost? The rum makes sense now doesn't it?

Music by Austin Powers, Molly Bloom, Devin Townsend, Beyondo, L.A. Guns, Darling Violetta, Jane's Addiction, Ollabelle, Wes Hutchinson, Tom T. Hall, Michael Leonhart, Candie Payne, Neil Nathan, Ethan Lipton and Herbert Henck.

Episode 172 - Free For All, Some or Just Me!

My iPod can hold 30,000 songs but who can afford to fill up all that space? This time we focus on tracks that we've obtained for free - legally! Casey Shea also joins us to discuss his decision to give away music for free.

Music by Meloditica, Marco Benevento, Jef Scott, Children Egoism, Chris Mason, Rusted Root, A Lily, Instiga, Casey Shea, Mieka Pauley, Salvavidas, The Atomic Square, Ólafur Arnalds, Casey Holford and Andrew K.

Episode 171 - Rip-offs, Remakes, Levees and Strange Fruit

What do the Copyright Act of 1909, in studio performances by Martin Rivas & Craig Meyer and analytical musical studies have in common? If you guessed a new episode of Nefarious Bovine Radio you'd be correct. I could go into detail but it would take longer than the show already is.

Music by Eric Cartman, Then There Were Two, The Strangeloves, Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, Blindfold, Martin & Craig, Abdel Halim Hafez, Billie Holiday, Siouxsie and The Banshees, eliotE & The Ritournelles, Casey Shea, Rock City Mourge, Wakey!Wakey!, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine and The Buggles.

Episode 170 - Girls Rock!

Girls can't rock? I know a few people that might disagree with that notion. Emily & Lauren from Girls Rock Camp Austin would be at the top of that list. If you need any further convincing we're playing some of my favorite female artists this time around.

Music by Sarah McLachlan, Jamie Leonhart, Aimee Mann, Katrine Ottosen, Juana Molina, Heart, The Squids, UME, Lizzy Grant, Lara Ewen & The Unstrung Orchestra, Sevara Nazarkhan, Gail Ann Dorsey, Emily Zuzik, Bronwen Exter, Paz Lenchantin and Dolly Parton.

Episode 169 - Podjack v3 (MAR)

Rob & Maria from MAR take over the show in this third installment of the Podjack series. It was tough having to record down in St. Thomas but somehow we survived. Brought to you by Zip-It High Speed.

Music by Frank Zappa, Colby Millea, FHB, Freudian Slip, Lindsay Brockington, #9 Band, Tenaka, Mannik, Shoot For Tuesday, Scanoband, Law And Order, Milka, Kyra & Tully, Audiobombers and Anton Hepler.

Episode 168 - Technology Rules

iPods, home recording equipment, FaceBook chatting and the internet. These are just a few of the things we're excited about this time around. Fresh off the high of a brand new iPod Sean feels compelled to discuss the joys of technology in what is the longest episode to date. Aren't you the lucky ones?

Music by The Men, David Byrne & Brian Eno, Shwa Losben, Orchestra da Camera di Santa Cecilia & Rodolfo Bonucci, Public Image Ltd., Wes Hutchinson, Kate Havnevik, Kailin Garrity, Slow Death of Autumn, Stellar Moss, Heather Christian, A Death Cinematic, Wax Tailor, Diafanes, Wynn Walent & The Folks and The Gutter Bravados.

Episode 167 - Mad Hatter

Sean is single handedly trying to fix the economy by buying hats. It may not work but he'll look stylish trying. As part of the Nefarious Bovine Stimulus Package we're also giving the music away for free.

Music by Paco De Lucia John McLaughlin & Al Di Meola, Colin Hay, Celia Chavez, The Balustrade Ensemble, De La Soul, Matt Singer, Charlie Rich, Dùnndotta, Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass, Chris Cubeta, Mar, Paula Valstein, Yes, Rachel's, Adrian Belew and Dig.

Episode 166 - Balancing Act

Artist and Label a precarious balancing act? Not if it's done correctly. Melissa Giges and Blake Morgan from Engine Company Records stop by to tell us how it's done and to talk about Melissa's new disc Evident. Nico also joins us to talk about Rebel Spirit Music's upcoming benefit concert for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention taking place on February 12th at the Canal Room in NYC.

Music by Freudian Slip, Homeboy Steve, Bernhard Bohm, G. Love & Special Sauce, Matthew De Zoete, St Germain, Melissa Giges, Martin Rivas, Jeff Jacobson, Tears For Fears, Gorn Levin Marotta, Atomic Tom and The Crash Moderns.

Episode 165 - Dunn With 2008

Is 2009 the year of Bryan Dunn. So far all the signs point to yes. Don't believe me? Well how about we let Bryan tell you himself as he sits down with us to talk about why an artist does what they do and his new CD Vicious Waltz. We also have Casey Shea calling in to premier a new track and talk about his new three sided single project.

Music by Goddamn Electric Bill, Marlene Dietrich, DeSol, The Bluebells Of Scotland, Dead Kennedys, HitchcockGoHome!, Bryan Dunn, Brian Eno, Little Hat Jones, Rich Girls, Daryl Hall, Gaijin A Go Go and Casey Shea.

Episode 164 - Happy New Year III

While the New Year brings forth thoughts of the future we here at Nefarious Bovine Radio once again defy conventional thinking and revisit some of our favorite tracks of the previous year.

Music by Charlie Faye, Michael Leonhart, Bryan Dunn, Overloaded, the Faster Gore Core Girls, Andrea Ball, Jeff Jacobson, Eric Avery, Kagero, Paula Valstein, The Fighting Cocks, The Beatless, Q*Ball, Casey Shea, Dùnndotta, eliotE & The Ritournelles, Holler Wild Rose!, Ann Courtney & the Late Bloomers, Heather Christian, Rachel's, Gundogs and elika.

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