Episode 305 - It's About Time

Blake Morgan & Tommy Merrill join us to talk about the I Respect Music campaign and Sean lazily gets into the holiday season.

Music by Bryan Dunn, Pink Floyd, Mike Errico, Aretha Franklin, Blake Morgan, Janita, The Smiths, The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco, Nanaki and Taylor Swift.

Episode 304 - Trapped in Zero Brevity

Ron Scalzo joins us to talk about The Last Q*Ball album and Sean attempts to keep the length of the show from spiraling into the stratosphere.

Music by Emily Zuzik, Crash Midnight, Bri Arden, Scout Killers, R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater, Threeds & Eleanor Dubinsky, Ron Scalzo, Return To Earth, The Killing Floor, Wax Tailor and Devin Townsend.

Episode 303 - Soy El Vaca Malvada

Julie Kathryn from I Am Snow Angel joins us to talk about her new album Crocodile and I demonstrate why 43 year old men shouldn't wear womens tights.

Music by Pat Metheny Group, Static-X, Talk Talk, Blindfold, Bess McCrary, Snöbarn, I Am Snow Angel, Like Trains & Taxis, Ron Scalzo, The Carvetti's, The Frozen Vaults, City of the Sun and Heather Christian & The Arbornauts.

Episode 302 - Big In Germany

San Diego brought on so many hamburgers I was compelled to do my best David Hasselhoff impersonation. We also reconnect with a band from our past.

Music by 28 Boulevard, Sarah Duet, Glenn Branca, Atomic Tom, Lily & Madeleine, the Atomic Square, Deconstruction, Puss N Boots, Mercy House, Sinéad O'Connor, BBM, Anoice, Katrine Ottosen, Wes Hutchinson, Chay Snowdon and Tears For Fears.

Episode 301 - It's All Gone Crazy

So much has happened since the last show and we try to cover all of it. We also play some music too.

Music by Lawrence Bray, Jet Plane, Smilex, Don Henley, Nishe, David Bowie, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Jealousy Mountain Duo, Darling Violetta, Kasey Williams, Eric Avery, Allinson / Brown, Bronwen Exter, Zola Blood, Stellify and Coldplay.

Episode 300 - It's Really 200

As we hit our 200th episode we get nostalgic and reflect on the first year and discuss the artists that formed the foundation of the show.

Music by Martin Rivas, They Might Be Giants, Blake Morgan, Professor and Maryann, Have Her Home By Ten, Julia Darling, Mike Errico, Casey Shea, Stewart, The Big Bright, Trevor Exter, Homeboy Steve, Diafanes, Inken Witt, The Black Noodle Project, Dunndotta, Tokyo Empire, Wakey!Wakey!, Heather Christian & The Arbornauts and Jeff Schram.

Episode 299 - What A Bargain

As we gear up for our 200th show the guys from Chemtrail join us to talk about music and make Sean feel old.

Music by 4th Street Traffic, Pink Martini, Jessi Robertson, Tall Tall Trees, Isabella Reinhardt, Ruth Moody, Chemtrail, Talk Talk, Mideau, Charlie Faye, Mr. Big, The Two Man Gentlemen Band and Leona Naess.

Episode 298 - Cutting It Close

We return from a week in Cape Cod and just barely get a show out in time.

Music by La Laque, This Will Destroy You, Allie Moss, Mindy Smith, A City On A Lake, Keith Richards, Lara Ewen, Shalabi Effect, Prophet Omega, Q*Ball, Our Mutual Friend, Rick Springfield, Three Kings High, Bumblefoot, Jesse Terry and Martin Rivas.

Episode 297 - Bulk Pick-Up

Our life is consumed by landscaping lately so it's only fair that we bring you down into the quagmire with us. You don't have to do any of the heavy work though.

Music by Suicidal Tendencies, Climbing The Walls, We Came From Wolves, Heather Christian & The Arbornauts, Halcyon Hope, Julie Kathryn, Thom Lyons, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, The Shaggs, Orang, Night Ranger, Jeff Jacobson, David Lee Roth, The Slow Beings, Emily Zuzik & Tim Lefebvre and Wakey!Wakey!.

Episode 296 - Blame It On The Beer

For this episode we switch from rum to our freshly bottled Nefarious Beervine and it quite possibly has jinxed the entire operation.

Music by Sinéad O'Connor, Nishe, Dollys, The Clox, Devin Townsend, Miss Murgatroid, Yuki Murata, Blake Morgan, W:JAX, Bryan Dunn, The Butterfly Culture, The Men, Tom Hayes, William Basinski, A Perfect Circle and Richard Marx.

Episode 295 - How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

We give an update on how our summer is going and Casey Shea joins us to discuss touring and his new video for "The River Still".

Music by Jaq Mackenzie, Anoice, Temple Of The Dog, The Big Bright, Mercutio, Kate Micucci, TelleR, Casey Shea, I Am Snow Angel, Martin Rivas & The Greg Mayo Band, Mina Tindle, They Might Be Giants, Chris Smither, I Mother Earth, The Kinks and Marco With Love.

Episode 294 - This Lawn Ain't Gonna Mow Itself

Mike Grubbs joins us to discuss the new Wakey!Wakey! album Salvation and we explain why none of the yard work got done this past weekend.

Music by Primus, The Taskers, Tourists, P.I.L., Paz Lenchantin, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jeff Schram, Martin Denny, Wakey!Wakey!, Spottiswoode & His Enemies, Melissa Giges, Kate Havnevik, Marie Frank, Oceansize and Shwa Losben.

Episode 293 - Well That's Not Good

It's a bad omen when any show starts off with a broken glass of rum. We never really recover.

Music by Waylon Jennings, Atoms for Peace, The Slow Hours, Circa Zero, Hammock, Slydigs, Bri Arden, The Frozen Vaults, The Team, Our Wild America, Spotlight Kid, Scott Stein, Mother Feather, Rodrigo y Gabriela, System Of Hate and Wakey! Wakey!

Episode 292 - It's A Dogs Show

This episode is co-produced by Sammy and Micah who make sure we don't run long. They're also trying to get us some dog treat sponsors.

Music by Alice Cooper, Adam Balbo, Johnny Cash, The Monday Club, Biggi Hilmars, Kate Havnevik, Clara Barker, Casualties of Cool, Melissa Giges, Cammy Black, They Might Be Giants, Prophet Omega, Rush, Kristy Thirsk, Homeboy Steve, Amy Madden, Inventions and The Clox.

Episode 291 - All Will Be Revealed

We're back and we explain why we missed the last show and exactly what is going on in this show photo.

Music by Yngwie Malmsteen, Exit State, Aeronaut, Louise Goffin, Mike Errico, Out Like Lambs, Puppet Rebellion, Thierry Van Roy & Mélanie Gabriel, Winger, Lana Del Rey, Return To Earth, Mazzy Star, Emerson Lake & Powell, Kodomo, Jess Klein and Dire Straits.

Episode 290 - Rip-offs, Remakes and Stayin' Alive

The rip-offs and remakes show is stayin' alive for a least one more round as we explore a vast array of cover songs once again.

Music by Maureen McCormick, Richard Cheese, Greg Hawkes, Jaq Mackenzie, Last Exit, Johnny Cash, Neil Nathan, Michael Grubbs, Bret Mosley, The Big Bright, Martin Rivas & Bess Rogers, Bee Gees, Tragedy, Les Claypool's Duo De Twang, pacificUV, Lola Dutronic, Booker T. & the MG's, Anthony Stewart Head & George Sarah and Casey Shea.

Episode 289 - Coughing My Head Off

This time around we discuss the idea of unknown favorite albums and spend the rest of the time going into coughing fits.

Music by Talk Talk, Set Fire To Flames, Meaghan Farrell, Jerry Reed, 2 Foot Yard, Mother Feather, Still Blue Still Turning, Mindy Smith, Sir. O, The Both, Tall Tall Trees, Lock Up Laura, The So and So's, Tokyo Empire, Tears For Fears and XVSK.

Episode 288 - Welcome Aboard

43.75% of the show consists of artists we've never played before, 50% are artists we've already played and 6.25% are the Olsen twins.

Music by Live, Meshell Ndegeocello, The Landed, The Skariginals, Young Dubliners, Beck, Ume, Panda Panda!, Casey Shea, Wakey!Wakey!, Mark-Kate & Ashley, G. Love & Special Sauce, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Jenn Grinels, Wilhelm and STRNGRS

Episode 287 - How Can I Describe This?

Emily Zuzik joins us to talk about her new single, we try to find some new adjectives to use besides fantastic and obsess over lamb ragu.

Music by Blossom Dearie, Paco De Lucia John McLaughlin & Al Di Meola, CON VOS, Feral Sun, The Black Noodle Project, Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly War, Norah Jones, Wes Hutchinson, Emily Zuzik, The Album Leaf, Regulation Nine, Scott Stein, Casualties of Cool, Two Cent Revival, and R.E.M.

Episode 286 - Fantastic Fun Time

We over use the word fantastic so much this time that we recommend turning this show into a drinking game. Take one sip everytime you hear something described as fantastic. Your liver will hate you.

Music by Plastic Parachute, Ninetails, The Nice, Wax Tailor, Busta Rhymes, Juana Molina, Aeronaut, Bryan Dunn, Mideau, Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly War, Owel, Nina Baker, Antennas to Heaven, Diafanes, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Agent.

Episode 285 - You'd Probably Still Like Me When I'm Angry

We're in a foul mood this time around and the rants are even more eloborate than usual. Most likely you won't even notice.

Music by Yes, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz, Paula Valstein, Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles, Kodomo, Kaleidophone, John Murphy, Slow Death of Autumn, The Pretenders, Lizzy Grant, Latimer House, Matthew Perryman Jones & Hammock, Blake Morgan, Sevara & Elf, Sorcha Richardson and Hrsta.

Episode 284 - Additions Equal Subtractions

Old + New = New - Currency. The math is a little fuzzy but this time around we play nothing but new additions to our music collection.

Music by Low, The Cinematic Orchestra, Guster, Nanaki, Mindy Smith & Inland Sky, The Frozen Vaults, Casey Shea, Tiger Darrow, Snöbarn, Sevara, Holler Wild Rose!, Us3, La Laque, Ume, Peggy Lee and Sam Cooke.

Episode 283 - Happy New Year VIII

Last year was quite an interesting one for us. New additions, plenty of travelling and a lot of great music. We'll discuss some of it as we recap some of our favorite tracks from 2013.

Music by David Bowie, Daniel Varsano/Erik Satie, Gunfire-N-Sodomy, Blake Morgan, Prophet Omega, Sorcha Richardson, Benjamin Balcom, The Frozen Vaults, Bryan Dunn, The Murder of Crows, Lily & Madeleine, Robert Plant, They Might Be Giants, Owel, Beck, Nicholas Megalis, Rick Springfield, Kate Micucci, Martin Rivas and Chemtrail.

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