All music we play on Nefarious Bovine Radio has either been purchased or provided by the artist. The point of the show is to play and promote artists we feel deserve playing and promoting. It is not intended as a vehicle for pirating and/or distributing music freely. If you like an artist we play you should buy their album(s) or a t-shirt or a concert ticket or a drink if you happen to run into them. When artists can’t support themselves they end up getting crappy office jobs and stop making art, which sucks for everyone.

If you are or represent an artist that we’re playing and would like us to stop - you make us sad. Drop us an E-mail and we'll remove your portion of any offending program. We’ll probably make fun of you on the next show – just sayin’.

We make no money from this program and bow to no sponsorships which should be pretty obvious from the sub-par quality of our on-air personality. We do this because we love music and think you should love it as much as we do.

Programs may be edited for length and content but usually aren’t which should also be pretty obvious.